Network Security :

Security is a multifaceted issue that must be addressed to avoid abuse to your network from sources external to your network as well as from internal abuse.


When you are connected to the internet your network is open to the public unless it is protected by a firewall. Networks that are permanently connected to the internet via broadband are particularly vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers. A well-configured firewall will block uninvited visitors whilst allowing limited access to authorized users and services.

Within the network sensitive information such as personnel records and accounts, data can be protected by configuring permissions that only allow access for those who are authorized. Passwords to log on to the network should be changed on a regular basis and should be sufficiently complex that they cannot be guessed easily.

ICTSS can advise on all aspects of network security and deploy firewalls, and implement a security policy to protect your data and systems

Virus Protection :

Being hit with a computer virus is a very real threat and one that can have a devastating effect on your business.

Virus & Malware

Entire networks can be brought down in a matter of minutes bringing operations to a stand still until the system is cleaned. The most notorious viruses are spread by email and once activated can propagate to all the recipients within your address book.

Anti Virus protection software can be very effective in reducing the risk but is only effective if it is correctly configured and regularly updated with information on the latest viruses. The risk of infection can be also reduced by educating staff on safe practices.

ICTSS can advise on and install, configure a wide range of virus software including Symantec Anti Virus, Sophos and a number of others providing guidance on how to avoid virus infection. If you already have been infection we can also provide a cleaning service and restore systems to normal operation.